• The Ultimate Director’s Viewfinder App

    Cadrage does more than just help you plan your shots - it transforms the way you work. Make the most of each shooting day with tools for preproduction and while you’re on set.

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    ● Get precise framing previews for your camera setup during location scouting
    ● Create ready-to-shoot shotlists to share with your team
    ● Powerful project and scene management for large and small projects

    ON SET

    ● Lineup shots with Cadrage before moving to a new setup
    ● Instantly refer to shotlists
    ● Save time and money by clearly communicating your vision with your team and clients

Expertly designed and easy to use. Extensive up to date database of cameras and lenses. A pleasure to use in studio or on location.


I work as a cinematographer and use the app on every job.

Niklas Johansson, FSF

I have several other Directors Viewfinder apps and this is by far my favorite. Great design and they are always updating it for all of the new cameras that constantly coming out.

Mirrors and Magnets

A fully featured and brilliantly designed app. Essential on set tool and the document creation and export makes it invaluable in pre-production.


This is a “must have” for every filmmaker and location scout.

Tomáš Bláha

Love the details I get when shooting setups for projects. Clients can quickly see what we’re going to capture. Awesome having different cameras and lens kits to access quickly!


Great app!! I am a cinematographer and have shot two feature films, I always use Cadrage to plan the camera positions with my directors, one of my top tools! Thank you!



1. Select camera

1. Select camera

Use Cadrage with any camera in any aspect ratio.

2. Setup lens kit

2. Setup lens kit

Spherical or Anamorphic? Primes or Zooms? Cadrage has them all.

3. Plan your shots

3. Plan your shots

Cadrage is now ready to show you precise framing previews.

4. Save and share

4. Save and share

Capture images & videos and create PDF shotlists directly in Cadrage.

  • Robust

    Project & Scene Management

    Easily organize all of your shots, no matter how large the project. Add notes to shots and quickly drag-and-drop to reorder your shots. Cadrage’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use as soon as you open the app.

  • Shotlists for crew & clients

    Cadrage saves lots of useful metadata with your shots for later reference and it allows you to export clean PDF shotlists for client presentations. Simply add notes and create shotlists directly in the app. It’s never been easier to communicate your creative vision clearly and quickly.

    Shotlists for crew & clients
  • Create

    Custom Looks

    Choose from stunning pre-defined LUTs or create your own look with professional color grading tools and get as close as possible to the final look of your film.

    Custom Looks

    Your Workflow

    Cadrage was designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. Its intuitive interface lets you get to work as soon as you open the app. Cadrage saves you time while helping you bring your creative vision to life just the way you envisioned it.


    Cadrage gives you full control over the look and feel of each shot. Adjust focus, exposure, and white balance manually with simple, intuitive controls.


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